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Sunday, 1 November 2009


The Opposition lacks cohesiveness and chemistry; and instead of realising a best suitable qualified leadership for Anguilla, it preferred to ridicule and destructively destroy reputations with its fear mongering smeared campaigns.

It’s embarrassing for too long now, that while an intelligent globe seeks to select their elite to compete and lead; we were yet deselecting our elite and electing our non-intelligent animals. Where their arrogance and unpreparedness were much focus of attention and entertainment at international forums and head of states gatherings; only returning to a gullible nation with a general term, an overused word – Informative!

We are tired of outdated, misinformed, misguided, visionless, disingenuous, clueless candidates who are simply suffering from cases of self-importance.

The Anguilla United Front Government has effected that kind of change for Anguilla - the change that elevates, with associated respectability. The kind of meritorious change which demands instant attention, not seeks. Leadership which ensures that the work of the people is properly done and done properly; quality leadership with the qualifications a nation so yearns.

This election the choices couldn’t be simpler – a destructive dreamwork visionless loose-cannon Opposition; or crystal-clear continuation of good governance, real growth and a nation’s prosperity?

Anguilla… THINK!

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