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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Is The APP Anguilla’s Waste Management Corporation?

It's been said that the company he keeps knows a man. That adage has been used by mothers for as long as there have been teenagers – to help them learn discernment when choosing their friends.

Most of us can recall a time when our parents warned us to ‘choose your friends wisely.’ Suffice it to say, they were referring to the way in which others would judge us in accordance to our friends, as well as the influence our friends would have upon us.

Well, nothing could be more indicative of this sort of relationship than the one formed between Ian Donaldson Mitchell, Harry Wiggins, Palmovan Webster and the Anguilla Progressive Party (APP), Hubert Hughes and the Anguilla United Movement (AUM), Edison Baird, Haydn Hughes, Sutcliffe Hodge and all other independent candidates - Anguilla Political Pimps & Prostitutes.

Seems as though the APP has resorted itself to becoming the ‘bin’ of Anguilla’s politics.

We have honestly been doing our best to velvet-glove the APP; and whether the APP wants this garbage their endorsement or not, they have gotten it… sadly.

Certainly many in the APP will be quick to distant the correlation between them and their associations, and that they did not solicit their support - but not in the Waste Management Industry.

A vote for the APP can be a vote for destructive and vile politics, arrogance, confusion, disunity, lies, innuendoes, deceitfulness, immaturity, and an unqualified and guesswork trial and failure - delivering failed leadership and government; a would be dark chapter in the history of Anguilla’s politics.

But again… perhaps it is unfair to suggest that the association is synonymous since it still lacking cohesiveness and chemistry; and clothed a dreaded history. But it seems to us that the mere fact that those political NO-Brainers wish to endorse the APP is indicative.

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