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Friday, 20 November 2009


My United Nation Anguilla

When I decided to openly support the Hon. Victor F. Banks to be my next Chief Minister of Anguilla, I accepted that the opponents would dig through records looking for something to attack. I didn't realize that on Anguilla, the Dreamwork Visionless Opposition would go all the way back to their stash of lies, rumours and innuendoes venomising gratitude, success, peace, economic growth, political stability and a nation’s prosperity on my God fearing tranquil home – Anguilla.

Now is the time for the Anguilla United Front Supporters to fully mobilize the troops and unleash - by any means necessary. It’s time to respond to each of the shameless Opposition’s desperate attacks directly and honestly. But when we respond to each attack, we will be fair and honest like each and every fair comment we have made over this political campaign so far.

It's going to take all of us to change this game once and for all. Characteristics must be made known before the electorate makes known their commitment of support; and must be truthfully scrutinized and fit for purpose on day 1.

The nutshell mentality of certain electorate’s tribalistic blinded support is fast coming to an end on Anguilla; and some candidates are still endeavor to use by all means necessary in maintaining this status-quo through fear mongering cynical methods – specifically the kind of chauvinistic piggish parroting attacks levied against our women, in a cruel attempted to bruise reputation.

This emerging pattern is disturbing - the campaign of "inevitability" becomes more desperate and negative by the day.

This must cease to exist; and must be reflected at the polls - if we are to elect competent leaders prepared for the challenges and opportunities of today’s marketplace with the clarity, confidence and efficiency to take us as a nation forward. These qualities must be reflected in the standards they set for themselves and not simply sufferers of self-impotence syndromes.

But we as a nation have to do more to stop this kind of politics once and for all on Anguilla. These attacks take attention away from solving people's problems and exact a real cost on our political process.

Thank you very much for your support Anguilla.

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