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Sunday, 15 November 2009


This has never happened on Anguilla before; this amongst to Treason. No one has ever degraded our institutions and civilization as disgraced and corrupted Ian Donaldson Mitchell CBE QC (questionable character). In such a rough economic climate, born Kittitian Mutt with Anguillian citizenship has been displaying his highest level of senility, by threatening economic prosperity and the direct livelihood of Anguillians as a whole.

This disgrace must be dismembered from any meaningful board of directors on Anguilla. He must leave Anguilla… willingly of forcefully! We had enough of Don the con; this is beyond acceptance – he must go.

As former UK Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, rightfully stated, “British citizenship is a privilege, not a right”, and as such, I am petitioning the Immigration Minister, Chief Minister Hon. Osbourne B. Fleming - as a measure of good governance and patriotism - to look seriously at this matter and to rightfully enforce the said principles on Anguilla (British Overseas Territory) by removing such enemies of the state through deportation forthwith. It’s much wiser to lose an idiot, than to lose a whole nation.

Just imagine a government influence by Haydn, Hubert, Mitchell, Harry, Percy and Sutcliffe? This will rock the core of political stability, good-governance, peace, growth and economic prosperity on Anguilla. It’s scary Anguilla… wake-up!

However, one of the things we are mostly proud of about the Anguilla United Front's (AUF) campaign is the level of civility and consciousness displaying on our political platforms. No other party has built a campaign involving so many Anguillians as true stakeholders; for which we are very much proud. It speaks volumes not only about the kind of campaign we're running, but also about how we want politics on Anguilla to be.

So many of us have been waiting so long for the time when we could finally expect more from our politics, when we could give more of ourselves and feel truly invested in something bigger than a particular candidate or cause.

This is it. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We have changed politics for which we seek.

Now it's going to take every one of us reaching out, organizing, and giving our all to make victory a reality.

Thank you very much for your support.

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